Catering for Every Occasion

Sushi Koo takes pride in handling every aspect of catering event with attention to detail. Our events team is equipped with professionals whose expertise ensures that your catering events, regardless of the size, feels effortless, flows seamlessly and fosters satisfaction.

1. Wedding

Special joyful day to unite families and friends not only to witness the knot tying, but to enjoy sushi.

2. Social

Connect through sushi, not through Instagram or Facebook.

3. Private

It is Private, we are here to serve only you with our delicious sushi.

4. Corporate

Fascinate your partners through their stomach with our delicious sushi. The deal will be signed the next day. Guaranteed!

5. Charity

Open Sesame, Bring the funds with this delicious sushi!

6. Production


7. Pop-Up

Freshly prepared sushis directly served by our chef on-site. Guests will experience the making of sushi right beside our chef. If being obedient, you might be hired by the chef to accompany him. Reveal your hidden talent. SURPRISED?! We are to serve, you are to be served.

8. Individual Package

Bento style carefully packed combination meals are suitable for anyplace at anytime. Everybody will have their own.